Who would have thought that energy can taste so good?  Introducing FASTRACK chocolate bar, a revolutionary product to give you the pleasures of chocolate and the energy-boosting benefit of MCT (Medium-Chain-Triglyceride), a plant-based oil extraction.

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Fastrack is chocolate and chocolate is tasty, it is a simple as that! The operative difference is that Fastrack is an energy-deriving chocolate, thus, ‘tasty energy’.
Fastrack Tasty Energy Chocolate Bar is formulated with a super ingredient, MCT or Medium-Chain Triglycerides.Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) work directly in cells to give you an extra boost of energy to maximize your energy level. It is the basic ingredient to derive energy in the body. Very little MCT oil is stored as fat because it is used for energy so quickly! And, it tastes good!
  • Fast Energy – MCT oil converts into energy faster than other oils
  • Better Blood Chemistry
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Nutrient Absorption
  • Improves the body’s absorption and use of vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium
  • Immune System Benefits
  • Helps lessen harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi inside the body*
  • Healthy Cell Membranes – Serves as stable building block of cell membranes*
The human body uses the energy released by respiration for a wide range of purposes: about 20% of the energy is used for brain metabolism, and much of the rest is used for the basal metabolic requirements of other organs and tissues.Fastrack is energy food targeted at individuals who lead a very active lifestyle, whether being involved in all types of sports or simply, a person who requires a high level of energy for work. Added energy is required for most daily activities and Fastrack is the product to rely on for the extra boost of energy.

Fastrack should be consumed every time and any time you know you need the extra energy.

Day-to-Day Activity for Long-Term Health

Let’s face facts. The human body cannot stay idle. It must experience rigorous movement to ensure cardiovascular health. Your body can achieve this through day-to-day activities. From household chores to simple DIY projects, what you do in day regardless of how quick it may be can contribute to a healthier you. Think of it this way; don’t just work hard, work hard to be healthy.

A Body of Energy for a Body In Motion 

The human body uses energy quickly. This is because the body is in a constant state of ­flux. Energy must be constantly replenished in order to keep the body in optimum state. From day-to-day activities to more strenuous doings, your body demands the right dietary intake for the right amount of energy. So choose your food intake wisely because your body demands it.

Food for Thought, Literally 

A human mind, which is in a constant state of thought, spends as much energy as a body in perpetual movement. That means a thinker requires as much energy as a runner. The internal organs that react to the biological processes of thought use energy. This means, if you want your mind to act at maximum capacity, you need to replenish energy from a healthy and reliable source.

A Body Rested Empowers and Active Mind

For the body and mind to be in its finest state, above everything else, other than a potent energy source is rest. A body and mind rested is a body and mind that will invariably perform at its best. Adequate sleep and leisure activities allow both the body and the mind much needed reprieve from day-to-day stresses. Remember; don’t deny the body rest for both body and mind will suffer.

Activity, Exercise or Sport (1 hour)





Cycling, mountain bike, bmx





Stationary cycling, light





Aerobics, general





Running, 5 mph (12 minute mile)





Playing soccer





Playing tennis





Swimming laps, freestyle, fast





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Where to Get Fastrack?

Fastrack Tasty Energy Chocolate Bar is available via our On-line Shop and will be available at major retail outlets, sports centres and gyms.

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